a functionalized biopolymer


Dust emissions can be anything from a nuisance to a health problem. On unpaved roads and uncovered surfaces, it produces many problems. Dust impairs visibility and increases the risk of roadway accidents. Feral dust can impact the growth of vegetation and crops as well as coat and damage the exterior of vehicles, buildings, and homes. At high exposure levels and certain particle sizes dust produces respiratory problems. In the workplace, it is a regulated hazard to be managed for a healthier and safer environment for anyone exposed on a job site.

ClearPath, a functionalized biopolymer, is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chloride and sulfate-based chemistries for dust suppression.

The product is especially reactive with fine dust particles, in particular, those produced from limestone and sandstone gravels. The unique ClearPath™ polymer binds fine particulates and retains water extending its performance from the wear and tear of heavy equipment road use. ClearPath™ provides dust control for a range of dust-prone surfaces and settings. The product easily mixes with water and can be directly applied with common spraying equipment. Designed to reduce the number of applications in a dust treatment program, ClearPath™ saves labor, maintenance, and material costs while making roads safer. In the mining industry, ClearPath™ can be used on haul roads, trans-loading facilities, and mineral stockpiles to lower dust emissions, lower installation costs and reduce water consumption.

  • Sulfate and chloride free

  • Colloidal and respirable particle control

  • Cost-effective

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