Integrity Mining and Industrial is pioneering a new category of biochemical technology called Engineered BioFluids (EBF).

Engineered BioFluids are changing the way companies are utilizing chemistry to solve problems. By manipulating the reactive polymer sites and creating precise, custom chemical reactions, Integrity Mining and Industrial has created a new class of patented products. Integrity Mining and Industrial is one of the first companies to utilize this unique combination of chemical engineering and fermentation on an industrial scale, creating products that are:

  • Designed to replace or enhance traditional chemistry

  • Versatile molecular solutions that target specific applications across a wide range of chemical applications

  • High performing

  • Cost effective

  • Sustainable & environmentally friendly

Engineered with a unique combination of controlled fermentation and precise substitution, Mining and Industrial builds these elegant bio-based solutions for use in the industrial, mining, oil and gas, and water treatment markets.